Here’s a brief summary of the products ICE Recycling can collect from your business or factory and repurpose for future manufacturing.


At ICE Recycling, we receive waste materials from businesses and industries that would otherwise be sent to landfills. They include scrap fabrics, threads, molded parts, bottles and various packaging materials. We sort and process the many polymer materials we receive, and package them to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Our customers then reuse these products as raw materials for new manufacturing processes, and nothing gets thrown into a landfill.


ICE Recycling receives cardboard, cores, office paper, and packaging materials from various businesses.  Once on-site, these materials are sorted, processed and packaged for our customers to be used in recycled paper product manufacturing. New paper products are born, and tons of paper are saved, rather than being discarded.


At ICE Recycling, we receive aluminum cans from manufacturers and a variety of other businesses for recycling.  We also coordinate with our business customers to provide on-site service for removal of many different scrap metals. The environment is better off because of our metal recycling services.


We work with industries throughout our service region to divert all waste materials from landfills.  It is our goal to make our customers 100% landfill-free.

On-Site Recycling Categories: Plastics, Polymers, Paper, Cardboard, Aluminum, Other Metals.  Ex: NY66, NY6, PET, PP, PE, HIPS, PS, LDPE, HDPE, OCC Cardboard, Skinners, Yarn on Tubes, Textiles, BOPP, Post Consumer Nylons.