Consider this:
Curbside recycling is only a fraction of the big picture.
Manufacturing plants produce millions of pounds of industrial waste on a daily basis. These materials don’t have to be discarded, only to become a pollutant or occupy an eco harmful landfill.

Located in Lake City, SC and founded in 2008, ICE (Industrial Conservation Engineering) seeks to work with these companies to breath new life into their excess materials. From commodity grade HDPE, Polypropylene, and PET to Engineering Polymers such as Nylon 6 and ABS; ICE’s partnership approach can help you understand new methods for solving post product surplus.

ICE provides on-site processing, along with global sourcing solutions for polymers, textiles, paper, metals and other products.

We encourage you to ReThink Recycling and turn your waste into a resource.

Did you know?

Nylon fabrics can be remade into engine gaskets.

Water bottles can be made into carpet, cloths or a dashboard for your car

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