Okay…let’s take care of this question first. NO…we don’t recycle ice!

We accept a wide variety of materials for recycling at our main facility in Lake City, SC.

Popular materials recycled include, but are not limited to:

Polymers, Plastics, Post Industrial Nylon 66, Post Industrial Polyester, PET Bottles, Polypropylene (PP) Post Industrial, BOPP Labels, LDPE Film, Natural Recycling, O.C.C. Cardboard, Skinners, Office Paper, Yarn on Tube, Aluminum, Metal, Nylon 66 Yarn, Nylon 6, Shear Carpet Fiber, Gaylord Box, Cellulose Acetate, Post Consumer Carpet, Nylon Regrind, PP Regrind, Textiles, Nylon Lump and Chunks, PET Lump and Chunk and even Automotive Parts.

We say we can recycle “almost anything & everything”

We accept shipments of recyclable materials from anywhere in the world! Regarding our on-site service area, we services accounts throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, other mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states, as well as others coast-to-coast.